About Labyrinths

For our purposes, a Labyrinth, unlike a maze, is one continuous path that winds around many twists and turns to come to center, and then finishes near the beginning. In a labyrinth there are no false endings nor false beginnings. The participant navigates the labyrinth by following the path, and working with her/his own body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit in relationship with the environment of the labyrinth. The Labyrinth you engage with in the Walking the Labyrinth program, is your internal labyrinth — the place that holds your greatest treasures connected with your mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit.

Walking the Labyrinth

The Walking the Labyrinth initiation program is designed to provide a framework and a sacred safe space to transform your life’s challenges into opportunities, skills, and motivations. Assisting you to build awareness, and shift perspective about personal traps, obstacles, and unserving patterns and beliefs. Each initiation session guides you toward enhancing your intuition, attuning to your personal guides, learning specific energy tools, and engaging your unique gifts. With the result of leading you to embody your truest and wisest self (archetype) as a way toward living a life of miracles where your magnificent dreams become manifest as universal synchronicities.

The Walking the Labyrinth program is a spiritual initiation similar to a rites of passage performed by elders, shamans, and medicine people of specific spiritual traditions around the world. In this context, the Walking the Labyrinth program provides a sequence of specific tailored sessions. We work together as you follow your personal path of Joseph Campbell's:  The Hero's Journey through inquiry, meditation, guided journeys, and acquiring energy tools. By embarking on the Walking the Labyrinth initiation, you will deepen your spiritual journey, and uplift your soul's vibration toward the next stage of higher consciousness and awareness. Embracing your wholeness to live a fulfilling sacred life.

One of the beauties of embarking on a soulful journey is that anyone can succeed — all it takes is the wholehearted desire to consistently becoming aware of your fears, courageously venture to the core of your fears to witness them for what they are, and transform them into the fuel that empowers your journey with grace.

No matter how far along you are on your spiritual journey, Walking the Labyrinth works to deepen your spiritual growth. The program is designed to take you to the next stage of enlightenment — by deepening your attunement and relationship with the keys of the universe in synchronistic resonance with your life’s purpose.

This Program is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Actualize your truest highest self as a way of being

  • Catalyze your life toward profound change

  • Focus intently on the next level of your spiritual journey toward synchronizing your mind with your body, heart, and soul.

  • Open up to compassion for your self, others, and the planet

Labyrinth Gate Program

The Labyrinth Gate program is an initiatory prequel to the Walking the Labyrinth program. The Labyrinth Gate includes 3 sessions for participants to gain experience with the journey techniques, intuition and meditation practices, and energy tools as a way to build a foundation prior to entering the full Walking the Labyrinth program. These sessions will also assist with transforming mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks, challenges, or stagnant energies that need to be addressed before entering the labyrinth.

What does a Walking the Labyrinth Session look like?

A Walking the Labyrinth Session is usually 2 hours, and involves an initial assessment that assists with the participant choosing one of the six paths of the labyrinth. Each session will include the following:  meditation, check-in on personal growth, inquiry questions, and journeying into initiatory spiritual development stages that are specific for each participant in embodying her/his higher truest self.

As a guide, I assist the individual to transform personal challenges into compassionate empowered ways of being and living. To allow the energy from the divine to flow through the channels of the body; intermixing with the energy of earth as a way for an individual to embody true core essence toward divine mastery.

An individual going through the journey process may experience:  insights, release of unserving emotional and/or physical pain, synchronicities, higher intuitive levels, and body-soul-heart integration as well as greater ease of working with conflicts in relationships including self-love.

  • The Walking the Labyrinth program is $2000 for 10 sessions.
  • The Labyrinth Gate program is $500 for 3 sessions.
  • At times, participants require additional sessions to assist with the in-depth processing of the labyrinth program. In those cases, each session is $200.
  • Pricing is negotiable upon conversation about financial need.

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