Inner Wisdom & Power

Regina helped me unlock my inner wisdom and power, and begin to trust my strength and abilities. She is a gifted guide who uses her talent for evoking vivid and powerful visualizations to help others realize their gifts. I highly recommend Walking the Labyrinth to anyone who is ready to move forward in an area of life.”

~ M. Renee Orth: Author of Conspiracy of Dreamers: Capitalism at the Service of Humanity

Confident in Spiritual Gifts & Authentic Self as a Unique Goddess

The Labyrinth of Illumination is the most informative and transformational program I have ever gotten results from. Such deep healing for my soul, clarity for my mind, and cellular release for my body. The profound experiences have brought me closer to truth of who I am. Regina is an amazing Goddess! She holds a beautiful container. While I am in Regina's presence I feel safe to explore myself. Each week I felt closer to my true authentic self. Each week I felt more confident in what my gifts are, and how to best use my gifts to serve the planet. Regina's Integrity, Love, and Support are priceless. I feel so much gratitude to have found this program. I am so honored to be in the presence of Regina.

Much Love,

The Goddess of Infinite Light — Denise B. Schaad

Valuable Insight

I'm inspired to thank you for the work we've done together. By now, I had the honor of 7 sessions with you. Perfect number! You've listened deeply to my experiences and you've grounded me with soulful exercises. The meditations and exercises you've guided me through and taught me have helped me access my spirit with wonderful and valuable new insight. I sense clearly that the tools you provide come from a wealth of experience and much that has been hard-fought. Your graduate work at Naropa University, your beautiful artistry, your gentle, powerful ability to empathize and read energy, your devotion to being clear, deeply present and available: my experience is that you place all of this in service to supporting yourself and others in becoming remarkable. I thank you, Regina!

~ Kathleen 

Radical Powerful Change

Regina Stribling has created something truly magical with Labyrinth program.  As someone who has done a fair amount of spiritual work and self development I was skeptical as to how much I would get from the experience.  I went in hoping to gain clarity on the next stage of my spiritual journey and some tools to use.  My expectations were completely surpassed.

The Labyrinth program radically changed my life and was one of the most powerful experiences I have had in my journey here on Earth.  In addition to receiving the things I hoped to get from the program (which feel completely supplementary at this point) I came out of the Labyrinth having gained a deep and profound compassion for myself.  This compassion has sustained as the weeks go on and continues to heal old wounds and work miracles in my life every moment.

As far as the program itself, Regina was a fantastic guide.  She led me into the dark hidden realms of my being with unbelievable compassion and grace and took me right to and then just through my edge time and time again.  There are few in the world that I would trust more to be my guide or companion in the unknown realms of spirit and beyond.

What you gain from the program may be completely different from my experience, but I have a feeling that if you take the leap you will get exactly what you need!  If you have the courage and feel like you are ready to take the next step in understanding and mastering your journey here on earth, I cannot recommend the Labyrinth program enough.

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift Regina!!!

 ~ Peter Stocke

Spiritual Mastery & Self Confidence

Regina is a delicate and loving spiritual master who delivers wise guidance for the inquiring soul. I have consulted with her a few times and found her advice very inspiring and ultimately helpful for my own self discovery. I have been able to retrieve my power and self confidence through her guidance. I recommend her services and will use them again.

~ Sami Wallingford 

Releasing a Strange Invisible Presence & Disturbing Energies

“A friend recommended me to Regina . . . and boy am I happy we were able to find her!! I currently live in San Francisco and my roommates and I had a particular energy that was disturbing our space. We let the energy do its own thing for a while, but at a certain point we just could not handle it anymore. The random earthquakes, items randomly missing then reappearing, odd noises, and a presence felt within our living room.

We heard about Regina and thought it would be an awesome idea to set up a consultation. I was not sure how this would work knowing she lived in Colorado and we were all the way in California . . . to my surprise it was easily done over the phone. My roommate and I called Regina up and she asked us to explain our situation. Once this had been done Regina instantly started to connect to the energy!! She could feel exactly what this particular energy was thinking in terms of intention and emotion. Her method was flawless and something I still think about to this day. I could not believe that she could connect to this energy that had been giving us issues for so long. A quick 35 minute call we were off the phone with Regina with a whole plan of what to do to help this energy find its way. Regina’s professionalism, efficiency, and down right fabulous and positive attitude made this process seamless. We are still thankful to this day for Regina’s help and the wonderful tips she gave us.

To this day we have had no problems. Literally right after we spoke with Regina the problem had been addressed and taken care of. We did do some follow up with the tips that Regina gave us and I can only assume this helped the energy get to where it was trying to go.  If you are having these same type of issues Regina should be your main contact.


~ Ryan & Brian   

Laser Beam Christic Connection

Regina's process of guided meditations was like a laser beam in bringing out the importance of the Christic energy for me, and of the Sacred Heart, inside me.

~ Eleonora Duvivier

Lighting the World with Wisdom

Regina brings so much wisdom and light to a world that is so in need of healing and feminine energy. 

~ Karuna Mae