Traversing the realms of your spiritual journey can be daunting.

This page is dedicated to your success in enlightening your life by providing Practical Intuition practices to help you along the way. To uplift you in times of doubt, anxiety, depression, uncertainty or woah nelly! To encourage you to continue to take the steps because your truest self aspires for you to experience peace, love, and joy.

For a taste of Regina Stribling's experience of walking with Fierce Grace along with a heart centered guided journey on Being the Leader of your Life, check out the video.  

By undertaking authentic practices that uplift your mind, body, heart, and soul greater synchronicities occur within your life. The Universe responds to you because you are clear about who you are, and you have more capacity to listen to your soul's rhythm.

May the following practices assist you with synchronizing your mind, body, heart, and soul toward enlightened states of being, and practical intuitive ways of living.

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Blessings & Love,

~ Regina

Sacred Safe Place

Sacred Island of Iona, Scotland

Sacred Island of Iona, Scotland

When you have 1 minute or more, and you're in a place where you won't be disturbed by interruptions, take a moment, and close your eyes. Breathe three deep breaths from your belly.

As you breathe, use your imagination to visualize and/or sense a Sacred Safe Place. Perhaps a place you've visited in nature, a lovely home, or a newly imagined place. Feel your connection with this place, the comfortability, support, and love that emanates from there.

Bring your awareness to where this place lives within your body, in this moment. (Such as:  your heart, your hara - belly energy center, the center of your head, throat, or entire central column)

Breathe into your Sacred Safe Place, and allow yourself to relax for as long as possible. Knowing this place is always with you, and you can return there as often as you wish. This place is always available for you to access guidance from your truest wisest self at any time.

In gratitude, so it is.

Empowerment Practice — Connecting with your Center

A practice to connect with your inner power. Takes only a few moments.

Wherever you are, whether at work, driving, or sitting across from a friend or co-worker you can do this practice to come back to yourself. If you find you thoughts racing, or you have left your body, or you are simply feeling fear and anxiety this is a good practice to come back to your center. 

  1. Begin by taking 3 deep breaths - in and out.

  2. Place one hand on your belly and the other on your heart, and breathe. (Eyes can be closed or open. Eyes open while driving :)

  3. As you breathe, connect with the earth with a grounding cord. Connecting your hips to the core of the earth.

  4. Feel the support of the earth below you and within you.

  5. Now, find your center. The core of who you are. The place within your body that feels full and strong. The place of your inner power, and inner truth.

  6. Try to begin having your center low - at your navel/belly button or your womb.

  7. Next breathe in and out of your center.

  8. Each time you breathe in, breathe in the golden light of love and empowerment.

  9. Each time you breathe out, expand the light of empowerment within your center creating a concentrated ball of light.

  10. Feel the strength, courage, power, and love of your center as you breathe.

  11. Try this practice for 1-5 minutes, and notice what you notice about your awareness, body, mind, and emotions.

  12. As you ease out of this practice, see if you can remain connected to your center as you walk into the next part of your day.

* If you have a difficult time finding your center or your center feels empty, wobbly, or contracted, simply use your imagination the best you can to go through the steps. 

Blessings to your empowered journey!

4 Steps in Distinguishing Emotions — Is it Mine or Yours?

Practicing these steps increases awareness of your own emotions and the emotions of others. The more you practice, the more aware you become, and the better you will be at acknowledging the emotion, and allowing it be. Then it moves through at its own pace.

This practice is not about creating separation as in “This is yours, and you better deal with it because it’s messing with my happiness.” No, quite the opposite. This practice is about building awareness of yourself as a whole being. It is about the ability of being sensitive to those around us. Yet it’s also about building the strength of your awareness. For if you are empathic, you know it already. You know the value of being fully present with another person in their anger, grief, fear, pain, and happiness too! These steps are simply here to help you to maintain clarity and fullness of being as an empath.

  1. Awareness. Become aware of the emotion in your body. Place your attention on it, and silently label it such as: anger, sadness, fear, pain, joy, excitement

  2. Embodiment. Where is the emotion in your body at that moment? Heart, stomach, sexual organs, head?

  3. Sensations. What does the emotion feel like in your body? This is the most important step in recognizing if the emotion is yours or the person you are relating with. Often, if an energy belongs to someone else it is concentrated within a specific area of the body such as the heart, gut, navel, etc.

  4. Name it. Name the emotion or sensation then let it go. Allow it to be energy within your body, and move through you. From here, you can look at whether you’re actually sad, let’s say, and if not, then decide about speaking to your friend.

* Being with your friend’s emotions — if you can clearly discern the emotion is not yours, be gentle with your friend by being curious and speaking from a place of observation. I am curious about this sadness I’m feeling . . . I’m noticing a sadness . . .

* Being with your emotions — if you’re not certain whether the emotion is your or your friend’s emotion, it’s best to sit with it, name it, allow it to be, then move through. Later on, if you wish, you can reflect further about what was causing the trigger of the emotion.

I’m grateful to you for being an empath. For helping others to bring awareness to their feelings, express them, share them, and feel connected with another human being. Blessings!

Centering in 3 Steps

For deeper meditations on Centering, check out the podcasts: Cultivating Your Illuminated Source Potential Meditation and Inner Source Attunement.

  1. Breathe. No matter what is happening, whether you’re experiencing anger, upset, or are in conflict, breathe. Three deep breaths: in through your nose, and out through your mouth.

  2. Sacred Safe Place — Your Center. Locate the place in your body that feels the most sacred, safe, and filled with your lovely self. This is the core of your Being. The Core of Who You Are. For specifics on Sacred Safe Place, scroll to the top of the page.

  3. Notice. Keep your attention on your center as you pay attention to what is happening in and around your sacred safe place. For example, if you’re feeling sad, notice if the sadness is moving through your center or around it. Simply notice it, continue to feel the sadness, while remaining connected to your center. If the emotions are someone else’s emotions, do the same practice. Come to your center, notice it, name it, and remain in your center until it shifts.

Working with Energetic Boundaries

Do you often feel caught in the net of people's drama or feel people's emotions very strongly and even as your own? Then you may need to practice setting your energetic boundaries. You will know the answer based upon how you’re allowing yourself to be effected by other people, situations, or inner turmoil. By how much you’re being triggered by something or someone outside of you, or even something within. To command your physical, mental, emotional, psychic, and energetic self takes a lot of practice and patience.

Wherever our attention goes is where our energy is. (Think about this for a moment. This is why meditation is so valuable. In meditation, we realize where and to whom our energy is being given.)

Energetic Boundaries is a diverse topic, and requires an entire blog. At some point perhaps I will write a blog about energetic boundaries. For now, try these practices. If you’re committed and serious about shifting your relationship with your energetic being to become the captain of your life, send me an email, and let’s meet for tea.

For a meditation on accessing your energy in connection with the cosmos and earth energies, send me an email to receive a free PDF of the Triune Meditation and/or listen to the Illuminating Source Potential Mediation podcast.

  1. Come to Center - your Sacred Safe Place - then walk down a busy sidewalk. The best practice for understanding and working with your energetic boundaries is to come to your center, and see the world from this place.

    • When you come to your center, really feeling the essence of your divine self, walk down a busy sidewalk or an outdoor mall, and notice whether you’re able to maintain your center or if you’re easily pulled in one direction or another. This is an excellent practice to become aware of how your attention or focus either works with you or against your or doesn’t work at all.

    • Try this same practice when sharing a meal with a friend. Then try it with a challenging family member. Notice what happens. How you’re thrown off center or how your boundaries become loose or penetrated. Or how you dissociate, and leave your body. Notice without judgement, as much as possible. Notice whether you feel like hiding or protecting yourself. Simply notice, then go home, and do your meditation practice, to come fully back to center.

  2. Aura — Expanding and Contracting. Close your eyes, and bring your awareness to your aura. Notice if you can “see” your aura with your third eye and/or feel it. Your aura is the size of your arms outstretched all around you as well as at least three feet above your head, and three feet below your feet.

    • Practice expanding your energy into the room, then contracting back to your aura. Then bring your energy inside to your heart, and expand from your heart out into the room again. Then bring your awareness to your aura once again.

  3. Thoughts, Sensations, Emotions. From your center, notice where your thoughts, sensations, or emotions lead you.

    • If your thoughts continually bring you to a friend or family member or business partner, then all of your energy is going toward that person. Or their energy is coming to you. This also happens with things and situations as well. Acknowledge the thoughts, place them in an energetic jar for later. Send me an email, if you wish to meet for tea to talk further about working with the energy of others in your space.

    • If your emotions tug you into sadness, anger, fear, even numbness — feel it, and be with it for a few moments.

    • If you’re feeling sensations in your spine, as the energy moves up and down, then sit with that and feel it, watching how it moves.

Cultivating Intuition from the Divine Feminine Source

myanmar temple golden_12019_pixabay.jpg

The outside reflects the inside; upon finding your center, allow silence to fill you until the next step is crystal clear.

Let’s begin now. Choose a situation you’d like to receive information about or to know the next best step. Some of you are already connected with your divine feminine source, and perhaps wonder whether you need this practice. Keep in mind that intuition evolves as you evolve toward the next higher plane of existence. If you have any doubt, any question about your guidance, and you haven't quite felt the FULLNESS of your divine feminine source connection, then this practice will help you to receive guidance from your center of being in connection with your divine feminine source beyond a doubt. Because this practice centers your highest self as your divine feminine source, brings awareness to your thoughts so you can release them, and truly focus and receive the guidance coming to you. Also keep in mind if you're asking for guidance for a big decision that requires multiple steps, then ask for the first two-three next best steps because guidance may arise in stages over periods of time.

  1. Sitting. Begin by sitting with eyes closed, take three deep breaths — connecting with your body through the breath, and turn your intention inward.

  2. Centering. Bring your awareness to your center, your sacred safe place where the higher self resides. If you’re not certain where your center is, follow the sacred safe place practice above or the Centering practice.

  3. Higher Self & Divine Feminine Source. Begin with connecting your higher self with the divine feminine source by saying: “Dear Higher Self connect me with my Divine Feminine source (Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Primordial Mother, Tara, Brigid, Isis, Durga . . .)

  4. Asking. What is my next best step in . . . (bring to mind and heart the experience that you wish to know the answers for or the steps in a plan.)” After a few moments, say “Please help me to listen and receive your guidance with grace and ease.”

  5. Gratitude. Then say, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” By doing so, you’re offering the answer to arrive at it’s own time, through your center and higher self, in gratitude.

  6. Waiting & Witnessing Thoughts. Breathe, and watch your thoughts attempt to sabotage this practice by providing answers. If these are answers that have already occurred to you, but haven’t worked in the past, then these are answers of the mind and the ego.

  7. Continue to Come to Center. Your sacred safe place where the higher self resides in communion with the divine feminine source. Anytime your thoughts strays, come back to center over and over again until silence enters without too much pull from thoughts, emotions, or other distractions.

  8. Silence. Allow silence to pervade your center, even if only for a few short minutes.

  9. Focusing. Keep your focus centered on the spaciousness and glory of your higher self. Imagine your higher self as the divine feminine energy assisting you.

  10. Fullness. You will KNOW you're receiving direct guidance from the divine feminine source as your higher self when you feel FULL inside your body — your spine, your womb, your belly, and your heart.

  11. Practicing. With consistent practice, your centered higher self evolves to more earthly and universal divine feminine planes of existence as a faithful guide and companion.

From silence, Knowing arises like a whale breaching from ocean's depths.

Co-creating with the Universe Prayer

Dear Universal Source — The Eternal One,                 

May this creation be for my highest good, and for the highest good of all sentient beings, with harm to none.

May my guidance be clear, and may I follow my guidance with the help of my wisest/highest self for the benefit of my spiritual path, and the benefit of all sentient beings.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Quick Reference to Earth Attunement Toning

  1. Find a quiet place to sit, with straight yet relaxed back, and eyes closed.

  2. Create a connection with the Earth by visualizing a Grounding Cord connected with your hips to the Core of the Earth.

  3. Speak your intention of desiring to build a relationship with the earth. Include any words you wish conveying your truest heart’s desire to connect with Pachamama.

  4. Breathe, visualize, and feel the Earthlight energy spiraling up as a column of nourishing light around your grounding cord, and into the chakras of your body.

  5. As you envision the Earthlight energy spiraling up into your body, tone aloud to Ah.

  6. Allow for any wobbles, skips, and pitches in your voice. Simply allow the sound to move through you, and guide you.

  7. Tone to Ah as much as you’d like, while allowing for silence in between. You can create a practice of toning three times, then remain in silence for one minute, then tone again three times, and follow up in silence. To feel the full benefits of the energy and connection with the Earth remain in silence for at least ten to fifteen minutes at the end of your toning — feeling the relationship between you and Pachamama.

After a short period of practicing the Earth Attunement Toning, you may begin to notice more synchronicities occurring in your life. Such as people becoming curious about your garden which in turn brings you business, or neighbors pitching in with raking leaves in your yard, or family members that had once refused to recycle now beginning a program in their neighborhood.

These little gifts the Earth gives us for listening to her, and developing a relationship with her are sweet rewards. And yet, they are simply acknowledgements for us to hold close to our hearts, and continue forth on the path.

For a more in depth article about attuning to the Earth, check out Earth Attunement

For a guided meditation audio practice, check out Earth Attunement Toning

Anchoring Point - Breath Annoint Video Meditation

Breath is the elixir of life – the center point amongst chaos.

Inviting you to breathe with the awareness of the flow of Being. Markus Stobbs chants in this video bringing harmony of voice attuned with nature's gift of flow.

the Mother's Breath

Whether your meditating or finding a few short moments to breathe with awareness, I invite you to practice the Mother’s breath which is based on the octave rhythm, and the essence of creation. It is connected with the Great Mother as vessel for the spirit of the Great Father to move through. By practicing the Mother's Breath, you become attuned to the rhythm of Knowing or the nous according to the gnostics. The nous is the in-between place — where spirit ignites the soul. 

the Mother’s Breath
Take a breath in from the belly on a count of 7.
Hold the breath for one count.
Exhale the breathe on a count of 7.
Practice for 3 rounds or more.

(This practice is from the sacred book: "The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene", pages 255 - 256. Written by: Claire Nahmad & Margaret Bailey (2006))

Shifting Energy by Stopping the Thought Train

A simple yet powerful practice in working with thoughts is to name them straightway. Upon naming the thought, the energy behind it shifts, and it's no longer unconscious. By naming it, you bring the thought form into the forefront of your awareness, and simultaneously release the energy that had been held by it. Which gives you more energy to make choices with clarity.

For example:  Let's say you're eating tasty soup at a favorite café while talking to a friend about a mutual friend. And you say, "She should've known better how to handle the situation." In that moment, you've made a judgement.

If your awareness is such that it can recognize that it's a judgement, then you can stop the conversation, and say to yourself: judgement. By stopping the gossiping conversation, and noticing the judgement, then labeling it, you've just won a grand prize!

The prize of calling back all of your energy around the judgement and the assumption you have about your friend's ability to do such and such. You've essentially called the energy out at its core to then release yourself from the karma of the judgement that would have been recreated had you continued the conversation. The karma is released in that moment because of your increased awareness upon naming the thought, and your ability to stop the judgement from continuing forth.

This practice can be also put to use with emotions, criticisms, negative thoughts or anything that you wish to have greater awareness of in your life. If, for example, you're prone to following your thought train while it travels at unmentionable speeds trying to figure out why this and why that, and yeah but this and yeah but that. Then simply label it: thought train. At times thought trains are loud and obnoxious, if this occurs, then simply say to yourself STOP! By doing so, your awareness around the thought train increases, your energy going toward the train ceases, and you can then decide what is a better use of your energy.

As this practice becomes more consistent, your awareness increases about your habitual thought patterns. Wow! Then, other practices such as meditation become more fulfilling because there is more room within your mind, heart, and body to sit in peace and/or follow the flow of divine guidance. Yay!

Transforming Self-Sabotaging Limitations in 6 Steps

To alleviate suffering from self-sabotaging patterns, it's best to go to the core of their existence. When working through any challenge, remember to breathe, release any judgement, and continue forth. (Going to the core of any aspect of the self, takes perseverance, practice, and tenacity. Often, when dealing with very challenging and triggering patterns, it's best to seek help from a professional.)



Self-Sabotaging Limitations keep you 'safe' rather than allowing you to experience the joy of who you are.

1. Identify the Limitation. Choose a current life situation or emotion that has been bothering you in the past week or month. Bothering you in a way that is keeping you from experiencing joy. Once, you've identified the limitation, sit in a quiet place with your eyes closed. You will need five to fifteen minutes. Communicate with your wife/husband/beloved, children, dog, and cat to let you be in silence for 5 to 15 minutes. (If this seems like a long time to do a practice, simply bring to mind how long you've had this limitation, perhaps 10 - 20 years. You may not completely release the entire limitation within 5 - 15 minutes; however, you will loosen the grip it has over your life to allow more joy and peace of mind.)

2. Journey to Your Sacred Safe Place. Take three deep breaths through your nose and from your belly. Allowing your belly to extend out while breathing in, and to collapse in while breathing out. Imagine your Sacred Safe Place – a place that brings you comfort, support, and love. Next, allow your Sacred Safe Place to be inside of your body, and notice where it resides at this moment.

3. Locate the Limitation Within the Body. With your eyes closed, state your intention to go to the core of the limitation, to the life experience that started the pattern long ago. Breathe naturally and locate the limiting belief, pattern, habit or emotion inside your body. Where is it living right now? In your stomach, intestines, kidneys, heart?

4. Receive a Picture, Voice, or Sensation of the Limitation. Now, get a clear picture, color, sensation, or voice of this limitation. What does it look like or who does it sound like? For example, does it look like the Balrog from Lord of the Rings? Or does it sound like your father when he was angry and critical about the way you took out the trash? Or does it feel like judgement from when your teacher told you that you wouldn't amount to anything in life? Or does it feel like prickly sensations in your heart?

5. Dialogue with the Limitation. This step is crucial in learning more about the limitation. From your Sacred Safe Place, ask this limitation:  "What does it need?" Wait, to receive a response such as: acceptance, to be heard, to be understood. If the limitation ignores you or brings in other thoughts to sabotage the process, simply bring your awareness back to your Sacred Safe Place, and begin again.

6. Fulfill the Need. Once you learn what this limitation needs, then notice if you can provide it what it needs. You can do this by imagining a color or energy associated with the need then surround the self-sabotaging limitation with this color or energy. Or perhaps there are practical steps that will fulfill the need of the limitation, ultimately dissolving it over time such as taking baths at night to release the limitation of "not good enough to take care of oneself".

Whether the self-sabotaging limitation began with a parent, friend, or from society, you're the one that lives with it, day in and day out. By following these steps, you begin to release the attachments to these patterns, emotions, and beliefs. Allowing freedom and joy to flow more easily into your life.