Regina's Story

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Spiritual Awakening. Over fourteen years of my life, I have transformed adverse challenges of victimization and feelings of powerlessness toward empowering myself to bring forth my life’s purpose and become the Queen of Illumination. 

In my early twenties, I succumbed to depression, and married a man who was also living in deep pain. We were like two fish swimming in a constant hurricane. Because I was living with victim consciousness, I attracted him in my life, and allowed him to abuse me psychologically, emotionally, physically, and sexually. Those were very difficult and traumatic times in my life. 

Even with those deep challenges, I persevered!

The greatest way I persevered was by connecting with the divine feminine as a spiritual path which catalyzed me to transform my life. The spiritual awakenings coincided with my wholehearted desire to become happier and live a more fulfilling life. I participated in divine feminine ceremonies working with the womb and feminine spiritual ascended masters, experimented with psychedelics, practiced kundalini and hatha yoga as well as several forms of meditation, studied spiritual teachings from:  Pema Chodron, Ram Dass, Adyashanti, Thich Nat Hahn, the Dalai Lama, and teachings of Christ Consciousness. I also befriended many spiritually aware friends and mentors who helped me along the way.  

Healing. My reality, leading up to that time, had been sculpted by a sense of helplessness and powerlessness created by my fears, challenges, and experiences with violence. I felt violated in my body, confusion in my mind, and was suspended by enough anger and grief to contemplate suicide. I was always holding my breath.

My life path has been a sincere example of the feminine being persecuted, twisted, abused, and violated in the world. I’ve lived my own personal story of this persecution. In connecting with women over the years, I’ve learned about the ways many women have experienced the fears and challenging aspects of persecution in their lives. Our fears have kept us from fulfilling our purposes in the world, and stopped us from moving forward in positive ways.

In 2004 I divorced, and in doing so was gifted my life purpose through a vision of the Goddess of Illumination. But, I wasn’t ready to embrace my calling. It took many years to understand my mission while I was also healing from much trauma. As I transformed my life, my reality shifted profoundly from living in fear toward living in empowerment.

Commitment to my Spiritual Path. From 2004 - 2016, I went through amazing journeys of transformation with supportive teachers and mentors. I was learning more about my mission, and the path of the divine feminine as a way of empowerment and transformation. An astounding gift given to me during my time living in a Tibetan Buddhist community along working with plant medicines was the experience of the interconnectedness of all things — the synchronistic rhythms that exist inside of me and outside of me in the earth and cosmos. I became motivated by a growing desire to commit to my spiritual path — to experience enlightenment

As I continued meditation practices and intuitive personal growth, I became liberated from deep seated fear. Even so, I had to continue to follow my intuitive guidance regardless of the challenging pressures from friends and family. Because of my spiritual commitment and supportive mentors, I persevered and learned poignant lessons about personal freedom, empowerment, and transformation.

In 2009, I painted the Goddess of Illumination, the very image of my calling, as a culmination of two years of two years of connecting with the true story of Mary Magdalene in my Transpersonal Psychology in Art Therapy graduate work at Naropa University. Here is a link to the painting. I realized years later, how the Goddess of Illumination moved through me to paint the very essence of my calling. In her right hand she holds the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth located in France and connected with Mary Magdalene. In her left hand she holds the staff of the Christic Diamond Heart transforming fears into enlightenment! 

After coming into partnership with my Beloved Alan McAllister in 2014, and creating the Spiritual Women Leaders Equinox Talks event with local women leaders, I felt more supported in my life than ever before. I was making the deep shifts necessary to bring forth my mission.

Sacred Mysticism. A profound shift occurred in connection with the divine feminine when I went on a mystical sacred pilgrimage to Scotland in September 2016 with eighteen women specifically aligned with the divine feminine and the sacred codes of Mary Magdalene. I fully realized the power of the divine feminine as a life path to catalyze, transform, and empower women into becoming the leaders of their lives. Through receiving amazing mystical gifts on the pilgrimage, I realized how the Goddess of Illumination is Mary Magdalene — the truth of who Mary Magdalene was as an empowered priestess and in sacred partnership with Jesus to work together to bring sacred union of love, forgiveness, and compassion to earth. My Profound Experience with the Great Mother is one story from my Scotland journey demonstrating the power of the divine feminine.

Transformative Personal Growth. With years of consistent transformative work in empowering my life, I recognized that my former husband lived with unfathomable amounts of pain. His actions stemmed from his unconscious pain, and he also responded to my unconscious pain. From this realization came the surprising amazing gift of compassion. I felt compassion for him, and in time, I felt compassion for myself. 

Along the way, I connected with and received empowerments from feminine ascended masters who helped me to illuminate my shadows and transform them with compassion, forgiveness, truth and love. 

These goddesses and masters were:  Mary Magdalene - Goddess of Illumination, Tara - Goddess of Truth & Love, Quan Yin - Goddess of Compassion, Inanna - Queen of Heaven and Earth, Pele - Goddess of Fire and Transformation, and the Great Mother - the Primordial Mother of Creation.

My path continues to guide me toward actualizing my sovereign potential to fully embody myself as the Queen of Illumination:  by moving deeper into my spiritual practices, I continue to learn ways to respect my body, become impeccable with my mind, empowered in my actions, and confident in speaking my truth.

Because of my commitment to my spiritual journey, I have walked several challenging edges in life, released unserving relationships, became partnered with my Beloved Alan, formed beautiful friendships, developed compassion and acceptance of my relationship with my parents, and continue to receive many miracles and blessings while manifesting my dreams along the way.

Sacred Service. My sacred service is to guide you to open specific gateways within your soul so you can thrive as an authentically empowered embodied spiritual master of your life. To inspire you toward authentic exploration of the profound changes you are here to create on earth. To empower you to authentically express you truth during times of conflict toward poignant systemic revolutions. To guide you to transform your shadows keeping you from living your authentic sacred life so you can merge your profound spiritual gifts with your work life to become an authentic sacred women leader. 

This humbling and profound sacred service has been gifted to me from the Goddess of Illumination, Mary Magdalene, and the Primordial Mother to help restore wholeness on earth at this time. Check out The Way of the Divine Feminine page to learn more about Divine Feminine Transformation and Sacred Projects.

Join us in our Facebook Group to be connected with supportive women on the path of actualizing their authentic spiritual mastery as divine goddesses and sacred women leaders:  Sacred Women Rising!

When the divine feminine rises up through us as women, our relationships with each other, with men, our families, our communities, and with the earth change in a positive harmonious way. 

It is my deepest prayer and passion to support you to align with your truest wisest self connected with source and your own divinity. Connecting with our highest truest selves is the most important thing we can do right now. When we sit in the fire to transform our ego and core wounds, we come into a place of truly empowered being, and can take action from there. Then our work spreads into the world in a ripple effect, and changes our relationships with each other and the earth in a sacred good way.

I am eternally grateful to be able to experience the subtle yet profound experiences of divine grace, wisdom, and synchronicity that arrive from persevering through transforming my personal challenges into compassionate, intuitive, and empowered ways of being.

In gratitude, so it is. 

~ Regina Stribling

Education:  Formal, Transpersonal, and Spiritual

For those who are interested the following includes my education, spiritual studies, and spiritual teachers.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Colorado State University, 1997

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Metropolitan State College of Denver, 2004

  • 2 years of education and training in the Masters of Transpersonal Psychology in Art Therapy from Naropa University, 2007-2009, including 55 therapeutic practicum hours in Spring 2009 at Balsam House, Boulder Colorado

  • Basic Psychic Tools with Miwa Mack at Boulder Psychic Institute, Autumn 2009

  • 16+ years of meditation & spiritual practices including Christic energetics and ceremonies of the divine feminine, shamanism, chi gong, Buddhism, and relationship enhancement.

  • Spiritual Teachers: Christic Energetics (Christ Consciousness) and the Divine Feminine from the Great Mother and the Christic Academy during my 2016 Scotland Sacred pilgrimage along with the book:  The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene, Shamanic teachings from Luis Molinar and his lineage of Don Miguel Ruiz (Toltec Mysteries lineage holder and author of The Four Agreements), Chi Gong from Eva Wong (Primordial Limitless Gate School - Xiantianwujimen lineage holder and author of Seven Taoist Masters), Tibetan Buddhist training from Naropa University and Shambhala Mountain Center including the renowned teacher Pema Chodron and Zen Buddhist teachings from Adyashanti (author of Spontaneous Awakening), Relationship Enhancement acquired through work with Non-Violent Communication from working with the Children's Global Peace Project aligned with the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg

In everything I do, I believe in the power of divine feminine transformation.

With the power of fierce grace, I guide you to transform your life by illuminating the light of who you are.

I just happen to provide the Labyrinth of Illumination.

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