Labyrinth of Illumination Program

About Labyrinths

For our purposes, a Labyrinth, unlike a maze, is one continuous path that winds around many twists and turns to come to center, and then finishes near the beginning. In a labyrinth there are no false endings nor false beginnings. The participant navigates the labyrinth by following the path, and working with her/his own body, mind, heart, and soul in relationship with their divine feminine source within the environment of the labyrinth. The Labyrinth you engage with in the Labyrinth Illumination Initiation Program, is your internal labyrinth — the place that holds your greatest treasures connected with your mind, body, heart, and soul.

(See below for a description of the program and the program's benefits!)

 Goddess of Illumination, 2009, created by Regina Stribling

Goddess of Illumination, 2009, created by Regina Stribling

I, Regina Stribling, am the Queen of Illumination. (My birth name: Regina Renée Stribling means Queen Reborn Young.) 

As the Queen of Illumination, I traverse deep with you into the jungles of your shadows, and illuminate the way forward to the temple of your divine essence. I walk with you in your internal labyrinth of fears with compassion and fierce grace. Guiding you to transform your negative unserving beliefs, habits, and patterns to become empowered to embrace the light of who you are. With my diamond primordial staff, I point you in the direction toward your authentic soul expression — rebirthing you to the truth of who you are. Together, as we walk your spiritual labyrinth journey, I mentor you to empower yourself toward your mastery of Becoming and Being your unique divine feminine goddess warrior priestess self!

As the Queen of Illumination, I fully align with the powers, and fierce grace of the Primordial Mother along with my council of divine feminine ascended masters:  Mary Magdalene, Tara, Quan Yin, Inanna, Neyls the Alchemist, and Sambria the Tigress to mentor you toward accessing your divine feminine council, and toward Becoming and Being your unique divine feminine goddess!

The Labyrinth of Illumination is the path of Purification, Illumination, and Mastery connected with Love, Truth, Beauty, Trust, Harmony, Peace, Amusement, Joy, and Fierce Grace! Each of these high vibrational virtues will be the crystalline clear light shining forth attuning you to actualize your mastery of your truest wisest self as divine goddess.

The Labyrinth of Illumination Program provides a framework and a sacred space to transform your life’s challenges into opportunities, skills, and motivations. Assisting you to catalyze awareness and shift perspectives about personal traps, obstacles, and unserving core patterns and beliefs. Each initiation session guides you toward enhancing your connection with your authentic soul expression through deepening your intuitive Knowing, fine tuning your relationship with your divine feminine council, unlocking and transforming core wound patterns, and actualizing your authentic unique gifts. With the result of leading you to embody your authentic divine feminine soul as your unique divine feminine goddess self toward living a life of miracles where your magnificent dreams become manifest as universal synchronicities.

The Labyrinth of Illumination Program is a spiritual initiation similar to a rites of passage performed by elders, mystics, and medicine people of spiritual traditions around the world. In this context, the Labyrinth of Illumination Program provides a sequence of sessions where you follow your unique divine feminine hero's journey to unveil your spiritual mastery as a warrior priestess, a goddess queen, a healing guide, and/or a transformational mystic! 

By embarking in the Labyrinth of Illumination Program, you will deepen your spiritual journey, connect to your truest authentic soul expression, and uplift your soul's vibration toward the next stage of higher consciousness and awareness. Embracing your authentic wholeness to live a fulfilling sacred life.

The Labyrinth of Illumination Program works to raise your vibration to the next level of your spiritual mastery while deepening your spiritual growth. The program is designed to take you to the next stage of enlightenment — by deepening your attunement and relationship with the keys of the universe in synchronistic resonance with the authentic purpose of your soul.

One of the beauties of embarking on a soulful journey is that anyone can succeed — all it takes is the wholehearted desire to consistently becoming aware of your fears, courageously venture to the core of your fears to witness them for what they are, and transform them into the fuel that empowers your journey with grace. Let's get to it!

What is included in the Labyrinth of Illumination Program?

The Labyrinth of Illumination is a 9 week Online Intensive Initiation Program for women to achieve authentic connection with their souls to unlock and actualize their spiritual gifts as divine goddesses. 

The Program includes the following: 

 Image artist:  Oliver Sjostrom

Image artist:  Oliver Sjostrom

  • Three Profound Gateways:  Gateway of Sovereign Intent, Gateway of Authentic Soul Expression, Gateway of Goddess Mastery
  • Dream Journaling and Interpretations
  • Email Support
  • Private Facebook Group for support in sharing your process
  • Two, 2 hour LIVE Transformational Mentoring Guidance sessions a week including the following:
    • Check-in on personal growth
    • Alignment of actions steps & progress
    • Empowering Inquiry Lessons
    • Spiritual Energy Tools & Strategies
    • Guided Meditations
    • Guided Journeys 
  • Connect with 13 Goddesses as access points to the energetic dimensional shifts in your hero's journey
  • Support in unlocking, accessing, and developing your specific spiritual gifts
  • Guidance through a plan of action aligning with your needs and unique expression in the world
  • Compassionate and honest feedback to support you in actualizing your unique spiritual gifts
  • Insight, communication, and relational skills to enhance your human experience
  • Acknowledgement of your unique contribution and celebration of your soul's essence

The Benefits of the Program to Access Yourself as an Authentic Divine Feminine Goddess are below this description.

As your guide and mentor, I assist you to catalyze your core wounds toward actualizing your authentic creative power within your soul. Together we unlock and transform these wounds with deep compassion, self-love, and forgiveness to allow the energy of the Divine Feminine Source to arise within you, and flow through the channels of your body. We work together to anchor your authentic soul energy with the earth so you can fully access your unique divine gifts and embody your authentic core essence toward living in divine mastery as an authentic divine feminine goddess!

During the process you may experience: crystal clear insights, transformation of core wounds connected with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual pain, empowerment from your authentic soul to take courageous steps, increase in universal synchronicities, higher intuitive and energy levels, self-love of body-soul-heart integration as well as a greater ease of working with conflicts and connecting with yourself and others in relationships.

When You Access Yourself as an Authentic Divine Feminine Goddess, Receive these 13 Benefits & 13 Goddess energies from the Labyrinth of Illumination Program (click the images to highlight the descriptions):

The 13 Goddesses and their powerful energies and star gates were created by the Grandmothers connected with Chief Golden Light Eagle — a beautiful multi-dimensional Dakota Chief who is a heartfelt amazing teacher. Check out Chief's Facebook Page for more information about his work with the Starbeings.