The Power of Divine Feminine Transformation

I believe in the power of divine feminine transformation to uplift women toward authentic sacred leadership.

With the power of fierce grace, I guide women to transform their lives by illuminating their authenticity as the truth of who they are.

By being true to who they are:

  • Women become inspired to explore their authentic soul’s purpose toward profound changes they are here to create on earth

  • Women become empowered to authentically express their truths during times of conflict toward poignant systemic revolutions, and

  • Women transform their core defenses - subconscious shadows - so they can live authentic sacred lives to revitalize earth and humanity toward wholeness during these pivotal times.

The challenge is women often doubt their creative spiritual gifts or hide their gifts away which causes them to feel disconnected from their family, friends, and co-workers. They are afraid of being judged and ridiculed for their intuitive spiritual knowing which results in undervaluing themselves as loving, joyful, creative, amazingly powerful fully embodied authentic spiritual women leaders!

The only gap between living an authentically magnificent life versus a mediocre unfulfilling life is access to enlightened wisdom and the courage to take the steps to create it.

I believe the traditional path to feminine power is overrated because it lacks two key elements: Connection to the Divine Feminine Path and the Self Transformation we need to live authentic sacred lives. We are here to connect with the divine essence of the Eternal One (Creator - Great Spirit) within us and around us as sacred women. And, instead of only studying divine goddesses or doing rituals to them, we are here to rebirth and renew ourselves as specific embodiments of divine goddesses as conscious authentic sacred women leaders in service to humanity now.

I believe in walking the edges of fear in pursuit of catalyzing and transforming personal challenges into:

  • Sustainable Confidence in yourself, your creative power, and your innate spiritual creative gifts

  • Greater Freedom of Energy to experience life force flow in the body.

  • Sustainable Emotional balance for Upleveling Access to Intuitive/Psychic/Spiritual/Soul Knowing

  • Mental calm and spaciousness for Discerning Sovereign choice making

  • Empowerment of inner authority to authentically speak your truth no matter the obstacles

  • Authentic embodiment of creative spiritual gifts

  • Sustainable Access to Creative Spiritual Divine Guidance and Expression to solve problems

  • Spiritual expansion

  • Increased compassionate loving connections with clients, co-workers, a beloved partner, family, and friends. All of this to be of greater service in a big, bold, way!

I believe accessing the divine feminine source within is paramount to our success as sacred women leaders. In this modern day, it's more about how well you fine tune walking with your spiritual gifts in service to others than only awakening to them. 

Your success is my success. Our success is the success of the next generations as we truly bring forth the next 2000+ years of peace and harmony on earth.

What is the Way We Work Together?

As your empowered mystical guide, I traverse deep with you into the labyrinth of your defenses (ingrained stuck beliefs, habits, patterns) to illuminate the way forward to the temple of your divine essence.

Guiding you to transform your negative unserving beliefs, habits, and patterns to become empowered to embrace the truth and light of who you are.

We accomplish this through an initiation sequence of guided journeys, meditation, inquiry, action steps practices, and deeply connecting with your authentic soul in a specialized program known as the Labyrinth of Illumination.

This initiation program has been developed from my 15+ years of personal transformative personal spiritual enlightenment as well as my training including: transpersonal psychology master’s studies, transpersonal experiences, shamanic training, mystical divine feminine experiences, guided journeying, energy psychic healing, meditation, connection with divine goddesses of many traditions, connection with star beings & star family, and ancestral soul retrieval & recapitulation. (See more about my specific training on Regina’s Story page).

If the Labyrinth of Illumination Program deeply calls to you, schedule a discovery call with me to discuss working together.