Empowering Your Creative Process

Women’s empowerment is very simple. It is simply supporting women to acknowledge themselves for who they are already: as courageous, creative, intelligent, caring, and beautifully wise women.

With the power of fierce grace, I guide women to empower themselves to fully express their authentic creative spiritual potential. 

By being authentic to who they are:

  • Women become inspired to explore their authentic soul’s purpose and creative gifts.

  • Women become empowered to authentically express their truths.

  • Women transform their core defenses - subconscious shadows - so they can live authentic sacred lives to make their creative spiritual gifts a reality and revitalize earth and humanity toward wholeness during these pivotal times. 

The challenge is women often doubt their creative spiritual gifts or hide their gifts away which causes them to feel disconnected from their family, friends, and co-workers. They are afraid of being judged and ridiculed for their intuitive spiritual knowing which results in undervaluing themselves as loving, joyful, creative, amazingly powerful fully embodied authentic spiritual women leaders!

The only gap between living an authentically magnificent life versus a mediocre unfulfilling life is access to enlightened wisdom and the courage to take the steps to create it.

By committing to unveiling your authentic creative process on the divine feminine spiritual path, the process opens you toward living a fulfilling life. Your commitment is a courageous choice, one that is forever life enhancing. 

Your success is my success. Our success is the success of the next generations.

Ways We Can Work Together:

The first thing we do together is have a one hour complementary connection call to become crystal clear about your current creative process whether you’re a writer, healer, entrepreneur, or spiritual teacher.

During the call we determine what you need including any of the following:

Simple proofreading for your blogs or manuscript known as Mechanical editing includes:

  • Spelling 

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Consistency in hyphenation, number, and word treatment

Revision editing: includes Mechanical edit AND 

  • Pointing out questionable grammar and usage 

  • Possible factual errors

  • Suggesting revisions where needed 

Structural editing: includes both the Mechanical edit and Revision edit AND  

  • Revising poorly worded sentences 

  • Reorganizing confusing text 

  • Revising for consistency in tone, voice, and structure of the manuscript/document 

  • Organizing document chapters, table of contents, appendices to create a professional manuscript/document/blog 

Developmental editing: Includes ALL tasks of the above editing packages AND

  • Co-creating milestones for project including timeline & goals

  • Researching topics and ideas as needed

  • Reformulating/restructuring data and information

  • Rewriting sentences, paragraphs, and text for a more complete and polished manuscript/document/blog 

Writing & Creative Process Coaching: Providing encouraging support with specific guidance, suggestions, and compassionate communication to assist you to move through blocks, obstacles, or challenges toward success.

  • Providing specific guidance to help shift and transform mental, emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual challenges keeping you from moving forward with your writing project.

  • Providing specific guided journeys to assist you to access your subconscious to move through blocks, obstacles, and challenges toward successful completion of the project. 

  • Each session is customized for your specific area(s) of need in working with accessing the subconscious as a way to assist with your writing project.

Spiritual Guidance: guiding you to transform your negative unserving beliefs, habits, and patterns to become empowered to embrace the truth and light of who you are in your creative process. Each session is customized for your specific area(s) of need in working with accessing the subconscious as a way to assist with your creative spiritual process. See Labyrinth of Illumination for more information.

All services provide encouraging support and clear, respectful, compassionate communication.

If the empowering your authentic creative process calls to you, schedule a connection call with me to discuss working together.