Transpersonal Guidance

I believe when people who have the wholehearted desire to transform personal challenges into empowered and compassionate ways of being, they experience magical synchronicities and their dreams manifest into reality. 

By committing to your spiritual journey, the process opens you toward living a life of love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony, and peace for your self, family, friends, ancestors, and the entire planet. Your commitment is a courageous choice, one that is forever life enhancing. 

As your transpersonal guide, I help you build exquisite awareness and develop intuitive guidance from your truest and wisest self in synchronistic rhythm with the inner realms, the earth, and the cosmos. While also assisting you to gain the tools and practices needed to embrace and move through fear arising in your transformative alchemical process.

We accomplish this through an initiation sequence of guided journeys, meditation, inquiry, practical intuition, and connecting with your personal guides in a specialized program called Walking the Labyrinth. This initiation program has been developed from my 15+ years of transformative personal growth through exploring my spiritual path including: transpersonal experiences and Master’s studies, energy healing, meditation, and shamanic journeying. I’ve compiled the wisdom I’ve learned into a 10 session initiation program that will deepen your spiritual journey for profound life change.

If the Walking the Labyrinth program deeply calls to you, I invite you to share tea with me to discuss working together.

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