Empowering Your Creative Prosperity

Empowerment is very simple. It’s allowing yourself to acknowledge who you are already: as a courageous, creative, intelligent, caring, and beautifully wise being.

We often doubt our creative spiritual abilities. Even when we’ve been successful in the past with projects, businesses, and artistic endeavors. With each new stage of enlightenment, we are challenged to reach deeper within and trust more of who we are in relationship with divine source, mother earth, and others. Divine Source asks us to be more present in the moment with our own consciousness. To then be able to access the frequencies of creativity that resonate on a universal level. This is when life flows with synchronicities and blissful states of creation.

Obstacles do present themselves with any creation. The question is: How are you experiencing the obstacle? Are you reacting or responding? What does your attention tell you about your intention for this particular project?

The gap between living an authentically creative life versus a problem-focused life requires greater awareness of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual patterns. Also known as defenses.

How can you trust in your creative process when your focus becomes caught by the game of life? When you become distracted by cycles of "problems and challenges” to solve, and lessons to learn. When you become entranced by the drama of family, work, and world politics? Where is the room for your own creative expression to thrive and for divine essence to flow?

Creative Prosperity = Establishing the Root of Being + Resting in Knowing

By Establishing the Root of Being you become deeply connected to your authentic soul expression. Through grounded connection and alignment with the Earth and Cosmos. When the connection with your soul is rooted within you, your heart and soul Rest in Knowing.

By Resting in Knowing, you create a sacred connection with your intuition and divine source toward illuminating your next best steps from a soulful place. While Resting in Knowing, creativity arises in a prosperous way.

Creative Prosperity becomes the rhythmic flow and wellspring of your soulful creative power. Granting you accessibility to create beautiful sacred works of art, writing, speeches, or anything else you wish to create!

By integrating all three principles in your life, you become empowered by your creative journey. Your journey entices you to learn, grow, and thrive. Being rooted in your being fully connects you to your divine knowing so you can develop creative prosperity to create sovereign choices, creative projects, sacred relationships, and holistic systems.

By committing to your authentic creative process on the divine feminine spiritual path, you open toward living a fulfilling life. Your commitment is a courageous choice, one that is forever life enhancing. 

Your success is my success. Our success is the success of the next generations.

Focus of Our Work Together:

  • Sovereign Discernment: building awareness of your choices through inquiry questions. Learning how you’re making choices in your life. To then empower you to make sovereign choices based on the rhythm and flow of your divine essence. Learning discernment creates freedom.

  • Integrity of Intent: acknowledging when your intent is pure and when it’s based on egoic desires. To then “purify” your intent by building awareness of the integrity of your thoughts, words, and actions. Integrity empowers intent.

  • Devotion: allowing the gifts of your creativity to be fully received from divine source to then take steps toward actualizing your gifts in a joyful, conscious, and connected way.

  • Creative Transformation: guiding you through journeys into your body with your imagination to transform those persistent defensive cycles. Accepting the blocks, obstacles, and challenges for what they are. Then learning what they need. Acceptance creates space for transformation.

  • Catalyzing Integration: aligning you with your divine wisdom and inner knowing as a sustainable resource for your creativity beyond the cycles and patterns of defenses. Catalyzing divine inspiration as a natural expression of your soul. Integrating the practices and lessons you’ve learned in the sessions into your life.

Guided Somatic Journey

From my transpersonal studies and working with clients, I developed my own process of Guided Somatic Journeying. Combining the use of the imagination with guided mediation and releasing subconscious patterns from the body. 

I became very fascinated by this process because of my clients’ sustainable results. This process is the basis for all of my programs. 

What is a Guided Somatic Journey? Guided Somatic Journeying works underneath the usual chatter of thoughts by connecting with the imagination to journey into the subconscious. Journeying to where unconscious patterns and defenses reside in the body as colors, shapes, symbols, and energy. 

To then unlock and transform these patterns and defenses through dialoguing with these parts, finding out what they need, and providing what is needed in the moment through the breath, imagination, sound, energy, and conversation.

This journeying process is much like guided meditation. Where I guide you to engage your own clairvoyant, psychic, and intuitive skills to help you in healing. Even if you feel you’re not psychic or intuitive, you will be surprised by what you can already see and know about your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual patterns.

Connection Session

The first thing we do together is have a one hour complementary connection session to become crystal clear about your current creative process whether you’re a writer, healer, entrepreneur, or spiritual teacher.

During the call we determine:

  • Physical patterns causing obstacles, blocks, challenges from accessing sustainable creativity in your life.

  • Mental patterns you’ve been creating in your life causing cycles of doubt, confusion, inconsistencies, worry

  • Emotional patterns you’ve been experiencing in your life causing distractions, emotional turmoil, and defensive reactions

  • Spiritual patterns causing cycles of perceptions, ancestral energy, and beliefs causing energetic schisms within your soul and energy field.

Ways We Can Work Together:

  1. Writing & Creative Process Guidance: Providing encouraging support with specific guidance, suggestions, and compassionate communication to assist you to move through blocks, obstacles, or challenges toward success with your writing and/or creative project.

  2. Transpersonal Guidance: guiding you to transform your negative unserving beliefs, habits, and patterns to become empowered to embrace the truth and light of who you are in your creative process. Each session is customized for your specific area(s) of need in working with accessing the subconscious as a way to assist with your creative spiritual process. See Labyrinth of Illumination for more information.

Both of the above ways include the following foundational techniques:

  • Providing specific inquiry questions & meditation to help shift and transform mental, emotional, psychological, and/or spiritual defenses keeping you from moving forward with your creative project.

  • Providing specific guided journeys & dream journaling to assist you to access your subconscious to move through blocks, obstacles, and challenges toward successful completion of the creative project. 

  • Each session is customized for your specific area(s) of need to assist with trusting your creative process.

How my clients describe their first visit:

Many of my clients describe their first visit as enlightening, clarifying, and empowering. 

All services include encouraging support and clear, respectful, compassionate communication.

If you desire to empower your creative journey, schedule a connection session with me to discuss working together.